García was born in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico to Antonio García and Shela De Jesús, and

her father is from Spain and her mother from Puerto Rico.

Her father was a Catholic priest and her Mother was a choir director, and

she has two uncles that are also priests. She grew up in a house where music was not only played, but also lived.

Therefore , the youngest of three children (Marishela and José Antonio and

who is the lead double-bass player at the Sinfónica de Puerto Rico),

Kany started learning classical music when she was just a child, studying cello, theory, solfeggio and chorus, and at 13 years old, she attended the school Escuela Libre de Música,

where the guitar would win her heart.[1]

This was followed by studies at Puerto Rico’s Conservatorio de Música.

In her early twenties, a brush with fame became a brush with death for the budding artist.

Following a successful audition for the television program Objectivo Fama, García fell asleep behind the wheel,

barely surviving a near-fatal car accident. The hospital stay cost her the opportunity to appear on Objetivo Fama. She suffered fractures of the pelvis and clavicle and needed forty stitches on her face.

[4] She was in intensive care for some time and managed to recover, although sensation in her left toe is limited.

This setback did not keep García from the craft that she loved. Continuing to write and perform led to talks with Sony BMG some years later. While García was still being courted by the music industry superpower,

Sony invited her to share the stage with Franco De Vita at an engagement in Puerto Rico.

Her performance was met so warmly, garnering the evening’s only standing ovation, that an offer from Sony was quickly forthcoming and

She released her first studio album in 2007 titled Cualquier Dia, which she wrote all songs and

The album was certified Disco De Oro (Gold) in both, United States and Mexico.

The album was released to critical acclaim. Kany’s second album “Boleto De Entrada” and

was released in September 2009.

Music career

Kany García started recording her debut album during the beginning of 2006.

García’s debut album and

Cualquier Día(lit. Any Day), was released on July 7, 2007, and

yielding five singles, the first being “Hoy Ya Me Voy” which was released on May 7, 2007.

The single became a huge success upon its release peaking at number 22 in the US on Billboard Hot Latin Songs charts, because

It also became a global hit where it peaked within the top 10 across 4 countries as well as achieving top 20 charts on countries around the world, and

The single written by Kany herself was described by Billboard Magazine as a

“beautiful song that changes the meaning of a break-up”.

[5] The second single “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” wasn’t as successful as her previous release, failing to chart on the U.S.

Billboard Hot Latin Tracks, however, because it became her second consecutive song to reach the Top 30 on Billboard Latin Pop Airplay.

In Mexico, Ecuador and in Colombia the single proved to be well received, reaching the top 50 in those countries, and  It reached the Top 10 in Puerto Rico and

The third single, “Amigo en el Baño (lit. Friend in the Bathroom)”, was less successful in the states,

but a moderate hit in Latin America.

The lyrics were written for a music class assignment but later released on Kany’s debut album “Cualquier Dia” and

[6] The song was released in the beginning of February but by the beginning of March and the

radios stopped playing the songs because some people felt offended.

Even though some radios did not play the songs, the song managed to

reach the top 50 on Billboard Hot Latin tracks where it peaked

at #44 after Kany’s performance at the 2008 Latin Billboard Music Awards.

It also charted at #22 on the Latin Pop charts. It was a huge success in Dominican Republic, and in Costa Rica where it reach #1 for weeks in both countries.
Later that year, García was asked to write the theme song for the HBO Latino TV show Capadocia.

The song is called “Bajo el mismo Cielo“. The song was praised by music critics and fans.[7] Kany’s fourth single “Esta Soledad“, became Kany’s best charting song in U.S and

The song has peaked at #21 on Billboard Latin Tracks. The song was the most added song on Latin Pop Radio for 4 consecutive weeks.

Kany was proclaim by Billboard Magazine, as their 2008 Breakthrough New Artist.

Since its release, the album reached the top 10 in U.S. Latin Pop Charts, and has reach the top 50 on Mexico Album Charts.

It gained Oro certification from the RIAA for selling 100,000 units. García received the first Gold Disk recognition of her career on July 22, 2008.[8] Sony BMG gave her the award live in “Anda Pal’ Cara, En Gala“.[9]

 A special edition of the album “Cualquier Dia” was released on October 21, 2008.

The new album “Cualquier Dia: Edicion Especial” included live songs, 4 music videos, pictures, and a video showing Kany’s road to success.[10][10][11]

On September 10, 2008, Kany received 4 nominations for the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards in the categories of: “Song of the Year”,

“Album of the Year”, “Best New Artist” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Album”.

[12] The fifth single of Cualquier Dia is “Estigma De Amor“.[13] On October 3, 2008,

García offered her first big concert of her tour in Mexico with over 3,000 attendees.[14] “Estigma De Amor” debuted on Billboard Latin Pop Airplay at #38 and reached #15 becoming Kany’s 3rd Top 20 hit.

It also charted on Billboard Hot Latin Songs at #43, her 3rd song to enter the chart. Kany’s voice, lyrics and music has been compared with others like Shakira and Julieta Venegas.

[15] On November 11, 2008, Kany was awarded two Latin Grammys for “Best New Artist” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Album”.

Kany also performed her hit single “Esta Soledad“.

[16] The album was certified “Disco De Oro” on November by AMPROFON in Mexico for selling over 50,000 in that country alone.[17]

After a successful year, Kany entered the recording studio to record her second album.

Garcia started recording new songs, a song called “Todavia“, is one of those new songs that will appear on her second album.

Kany says about the song that “speaks a little of everything that we still need to be done …

so many trips we have done and what we’re back in a myriad of things.

[18]According to Kany herself, the album will be more “pop, rock and soft ballads”. Garcia is also looking to collaborate with other musicians.

She wants a duet with some of her favorite artists like Julieta VenegasReyliJuan Luis Guerra or if the song is in English, with John Mayer. She says that she has written many songs for her next project.

[19] Kany received her first nomination for the 2009 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards. She was nominated for “Female Pop Artist of the Year”.[20] Kany teamed up with fellow musician, reggaeton artist Tego Calderón for a duet for his upcoming album Mr. T.

The song is about a “young girl suffering from sexual abuse”.[21] Kany released her first single from her second album “Boleto De Entrada“, the song is called “Feliz“.

The song has so far peaked at #5 on Billboard Latin Pop Airplay chart becoming her 3rd Top 10 song and #15 on Latin Song chart.[22] Kany was part of a tribute album for Spanish Artist Rocío Dúrcal.

She sang a duet in the song “Infiel”. She released her second album “Boleto De Entrada“. The album debuted at #6 on Billboard Latin Albums and #3 on Billboard Latin Pop Album,

becoming Kany’s first top 10 album on Latin Album chart and second on Latin Pop chart. Kany joined forces with international recording artists ReyliGian Marco and ex-band member of Sin BanderaNoel Schajris to create a song for Teleton 2009.

The song was created to raise money for kids in Mexico. The song is titled “No hay imposibles”.[23][24] The second single, “Esta Vida Tuya Y Mía” was released on January 12, 2010.

The song did not get any promotion or music video as Kany was preparing for her tour. Even with no promotion behind it, the song manage to chart on the states and in Puerto Rico.

The song charted at #39 on Billboard Hot Latin Songs and #14 on the Pop charts. In May of that year, Kany became part of an educational campaign of the attorney of women in Puerto Rico, regarding domestic violence.

A song of her second album, “Para Volver a Amar” was chosen as the theme song that will represent the cause.

The song was released to radios on May 18, 2010. It impacted the Latin charts the following week on where it debuted at #39 on Billboard’s Latin Pop charts, it reached #22.

[25] Kany can be heard in Gilberto Santa Rosa‘s new album “Irrepetible” on a track titled “Y tú y yo”.

[26] On September 8, 2010, Boleto De Entradareceived a nomination for the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards in the category of “Best Female Pop Vocal Album”.[27][28]


In December 2011, Kany released a Christmas song titled “Ya No Tengo Nah'”.

[29] with funds being donated to charity. On April 24, 2012, Kany released her first single of her third studio album Kany García. The song is titled Que Te Vaya Mal.

[30] Kany performed the single for the first time live on “Premios Juventud“.[31] The album “Kany García” was released on July 31, 2012.

[32] The album debuted at #1 in Puerto Rico, #5 on US Latin Albums, #1 on US Latin Pop, and #72 in Mexico. Kany released her second single “Alguien” in August and

the single became Kany’s 4th song to reach top 10 on Billboard Latin Pop Songs where it reached #8. On September 25, Kany’s first single “Que Te Vaya Mal” from her third album, was nominated for

“Record of the Year” for the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards.[33] The album was nominated for “Best Latin Pop Album” at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

[34] On January 1, 2013, Kany announced the release of her third single “Cuando Se Va El Amor.[35] The single charted within the top 40 on the Billboard Latin charts and

Kany released her fourth single “Adios” in May 2013. The album “Kany Garcia” received 2 nominations for the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards,

“Best Singer-Songwriter Album” and “Best Engineered Album”, taking the Grammy under the “Engineered” category.

Following up the success of her third studio album “Kany Garcia“, Kany got to work on her fourth studio album. She released the first single “Duele Menos“, of her live album “En Vivo: Kany Garcia” on May 27, 2014 and

[36] Kany released her fourth and first live album En Vivo: Kany Garcia on August 19, 2014. Kany received her highest-charting album to date with “En Vivo” on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums and

The album debuted at #4, with 2,000 copies sold in its first week.[37] Kany released the music video to “Pasaporte” on February 14, 2015 and

She joined forces with Tego Calderon, and recorded a duet for his new album, titled “Y Quién Diría”, and

García collaborated with producer David Kahne. This makes it the first time David works with a Latin artist.[40]

 On October 2, 2015, Kany released her first single of her fourth studio album, the song titled “Perfecto Para Mi“. The song was released to radio and all digital platforms.[41]

 The album “Limonada” was released on May 20, 2016. The album debuted at #1 on Billboard Top Latin Albums, selling over 2,000 copies on the first week.[42]

This is Kany’s first #1 album on that chart.[43]

Kany then began work on her 5th studio album in 2017. On February 16, 2018, she released the first single “Para Siempre”.

The song was recorded in Puerto Rico. The music video was filmed in late 2017 in Madrid, Spain with director Rubén Martín.[44] The new album titled “Soy Yo” was released May 18, 2018. Because

[45] The album debuted at #4 on Billboard Latin Album charts. Soy Yo is Garcia’s fifth top 10 effort, and marks just the second album by a woman to debut in the top five on Top Latin Albums in 2018.[46]


Kany Garcia has written all the songs for her albums. She has also written songs for other artists such as: Ha*AshEdnita NazarioPedro Capó, Fabiola, and Chayanne and

She wrote “De Todas” for Chayanne’s new album “En Todo Estaré”.[47]

 In December 2016, García wrote a song title “Chegaste” for Jennifer Lopez and Roberto Carlos.

The song was recorded in Portuguese and Spanish. It is set to be included in Lopez’s upcoming second Spanish album, for example

The song was released on her YouTube on December 15, 2016, and was released for digital download and on Spotify the next day.[48]

In 2018, she wrote “Esa Mujer” especially for a duet between Roberto Carlos and Alejandro Sanz.

[49] It was released for digital download on Spotify, however

iTunes and Amazon on July 20 and will be part of Roberto Carlos new album. His first release completely in Spanish.

Personal life

García married her guitarist and boyfriend of seven years, Carlos Padial, on December 19, 2010.

The wedding was a private ceremony held at the Parroquia Santa Clara in Carolina, Puerto Rico, followed by a reception at an estate in the same city.[50][51]However, the couple divorced in September 2013.[52]

On February 13, 2016, García publicly admitted she is in a same sex relationship with her personal trainer, Jocelyn Troche…